International Artist Publishing LLC (USA): Native American Art Magazine names Michael Clawson as Executive Editor

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, May 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Native American Art magazine, the leading art magazine devoted to historic and contemporary Native American artwork, has named Michael Clawson as executive editor. In his new position, Clawson will oversee the continued growth and success of the 5-year publication as it caters to a growing base of collectors

What’s the Reality Behind the Grand Challenges We Face Today: Project VIPIN

SAN BERNARDINO, CA, May 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains why Reality is different from the Present, how we can enjoy the Present while letting Mother Nature illuminate her Reality, and the Reality Mother Nature works to illuminate as the solution for the sentient well-being of her children. Why is

VersaCoin™ Added to the P2PB2B Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

VersaCoin™ now offers more trading pairs via the ultra-secure and diverse P2PB2B multi-currency exchange and will continue to list VCN on more exchanges soon. P2PB2B is security-focused and also utilizes WAF (Web Application Firewall) that detects and blocks hacker attacks. In fact, the platform is noted as the world’s 12th most Trusted Core crypto exchange.

Meet The Octopus

Octopus network is a cryptonetwork for launching and running Web3.0 application specific blockchains, aka appchains. By decreasing the capital expenditure for bootstrap an appchain by two orders of magnitude, from several million dollars to less than one hundred thousand dollars, Octopus Network is committed to unleash an innovation wave of Web3.0. An Octopus appchain gets

PiscoLogía Announces Launch of Spanish Version of Virtual Pisco Certificate Course

SPOKANE, WA, May 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Pisco Certificate Course, created and maintained by PiscoLogía Pisco, is now available in the Spanish language. The interactive online training includes assessment, forums and certification, in addition to offering pisco-related English-language training. To celebrate the launch, the course will be available for free for all students. “After

White label NFT Marketplace by Blockchain App Factory for unique NFTs

CHENNAI, INDIA, April 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The rife of NFT and its attractive features inspire a wide range of audience and artefacts collectors by its ability to tokenize the unique assets. The digital representation of unique assets and their special characters adds intrinsic value to the unique assets that cost millions. NFTs spike in