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Hi everyone, my name is Moshan, please visit my website Jepproxx Art Studio for my paintings, music, poem and more.

Jepproxx is an art website with a focus on research in the art of Chinese characters. It is made up three parts, Moshan’s art, Music of Yisheng, and the Poetry society of Xiangyu. It includes three categories: the aesthetics art painting and calligraphy, aesthetics of music, and the aesthetic of language.

Founder of Jepproxx: Moshan, yes it is me.

Moshan, original name: Li Yong, other names: Ruquan, Xiangyu, poet, artist and music producer. English name: Walter G.

Male, born in Beijing in 1966, star sign Libra. In 1992, Moshan completed his study in English in the Chinese Media Academy. He worked in various places including the News Department of Xinhua news agency, the Beijing office of Link International Equipment (Chicago, US), Beijing office of Pan-Pacific (New York, US). Moshan established Moshan Fine Art Studio in 1998, where he has worked in the areas of painting, music, literature and teaching up to present day.

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